Giulio Fanti is Professor of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Padua University, Italy, since 1996.
He was founding member of the Center of Studies and Activities for Space CISAS "G. Colombo", Secretary of the Italian group of official professors of Mechanical and Thermic Measurements and he has been member of technical teams of international Space Missions: the Giotto Mission to the Halley Comet, the TSS-1 Mission, the Mission Mars '94 for the study of "Fourier Realtime Michelson Spectrometer", the Cassini Mission for Huygens probe for HASI; he is also a member of various groups for studies on the Turin Shroud..
His past research activity was devoted to the study of physical models of space structures, uncertainty analysis, finite elements modelling, thermo-mechanical optimization of space instruments and sound, pressure, vibration, damping, color and strain measurements and testing of spatial systems.
His present research activity is devoted to studies regarding the Turin Shroud, measurements by means of vision systems and diagnostic of structures.
He is the author of more than 150 papers also published in Italian and international journals, lecture notes and books.

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